Market differences

The 'Car Service' industry is far from being homogeneous at an international level. Based on each country regulations and vehicle brands presence the denominations of the vehicle categories can vary and the vehicles themselves, used in each category can vary. In order to manage passenger's expectations, most of the worldwide operators are following the guidelines of the NLA (National Limousine association) but in some markets they are quite complex to follow and following them strictly would result in extreme pricing.

For instance some countries apply prohibitive import taxes that result in 100% increase in some luxury models. In other countries, the security environment requires vehicles to be armored, which is not viable for all brands and models. Last but not least, some countries, such as Colombia, impose traffic restrictions based on license plate numbers, forcing operators to duplicate their fleets in order to be able to operate every day at every hour.

As a result in most countries 'Luxury' categories are understood to be Mercedes S-Class or Audi A-8 and above whereas in some underdeveloped markets the same category is commonly understood to be E-class or A-6. In order to be transparent with our clients, at V&V Vehículos VIP, we will send you the make and model of your vehicle at quotation time in order be sure that what we have available will comply with your standards. Further more, if you have specific questions regarding a particular market, do not hesitate to contact us.


VIP or Business

One other challenge, for 'Car Service' Operator in developing countries, is to be able to have an offer for local markets, that will provide and exceptional experience, but will be priced more according to local purchasing power. In order to do so, V&V Vehículos VIP, is offering 2 different level of service called 'VIP' and 'Business'. The 'VIP' level is based on the international standards of the car service industry. The 'Business' level is based on the local 'Colombian' standards. You will find below the main differences between those two classes of service; for the moment, the 'Business' level is only offered Colombia.

'VIP' class of service :

  • Luxury brands, imported vehicles.
  • Bilingual, 'Pax' trained drivers.
  • Vehicle plate and drivers details known at booking time.
  • Supervision of the services by our 'dispatch' team and concierge service in 4 languages, round the clock.
  • Onboard courtesy pack and company 4G WIFI.
  • Vehicle cleaned internally and externally before and after each service.
  • Dedicated greeter for airport pickups included in Airport transfer rate.

'Business' class of service :

  • Standard brands, often locally assembled vehicles.
  • Non english speaking driver.
  • Vehicle plate and drivers details subject to last minute change if operationally required.
  • 24h automatic monitoring and driver assistance during office hours.
  • Some vehicle type may include water upon request, and company 4G WIFI.
  • Vehicle is cleaned internally between 2 services and externally once a day.
  • Airport meet and greet with dedicated staff is optional.


Vehicles with Categories per class of service



Who are we ?

V&V VEHICULOS VIP is a Colombian company founded by two French entrepreneurs with the objective of creating in Colombia and Latin America a chauffeured car service with international standards for high executives and luxury tourism.

We offer our clients high standard car service, in Colombia and the rest of the world with permanent highlight on service quality constantly anticipating or adapting us to the market requirements. All our processes are established and updated searching for the most innovative, safe, competitive and sustainable solutions.


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